3 reviews for A Radical Environmental Paradigm

  1. Crispina ffrench

    I was so moved by David Suzuki’s presentation I want to listen to it again and again. Everyone who breaths air and drinks water should listen and take note. Clear, Simple, Timely, Uplifting.

  2. Susan Kayne

    The snooze-alarm has sounded for inhabitants of planet earth. Wake-Up, Wake-Up….listen deeply.

  3. Artis (Honestly my <only> name)

    The information in this lecture is captivating, stirring, evocative, and ironically if only barely, encouraging. David Suzuki’s observations are well researched and obviously of first person witness.
    This hour will never be considered a waste or a labor of time. Please, please take that hour. Trade it for the hour gabfest you’ll have with your neighbor about other neighbors.
    Artis (the Spoonman)

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