2 reviews for Can Capitalism be Fixed? (Debate)

  1. K. Watkins

    This was an excellent jumping-off point for a discussion but there were aspects lacking. The voices that we heard have been “successful” in navigating the current system of capitalism. The voices that I would like to hear include a representative of the “poor” and how they navigate the system. The technocratic aspects were well covered. I use Linux OS. I never pay for it other than to be on Broadband (a struggle to be sure in the US). Are Linux Platforms fiefdoms? We source food from 7 different locations in order to maintain a viable residential supply chain. How did it come to be so complicated? User choice?

    Someone from the Poor People’s Campaign might be a good voice to hear on Capitalism.
    Thank you.

  2. David Souers

    Fascinating. A lot to think about.

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