7 reviews for U.S. Empire & Latin America

  1. Larry A Andreassen

    Thanks, Col. Wilkerson, for your up-close and personal insight to a side of US involvement behind the scenes seldom seen in the mainstream.


    Please do tell me WHO are those that will not see this overwhelmingly convincing perspective?! It has a large enough perspective of history to present a clear view of our past posture and such effect of this posture. It is indeed a valuable gift to all of us in this beautiful country for us as citizens to be able to reflect and then act in new and constructive ways. We can become a strong supportive contributor to this world of ours, locally and globally. Thank you Mr. Wilkerson.

  3. Michael Halyard

    Wilkerson does an excellent job explaining the wrong-headed, often secret, foriegn policy that has brought death and destruction to many parts of the world. He explains how this hubris-inspired foriegn policy, like that of the Roman Empire, is leading to the end of the American Empire. Trump is not an aberration, but a continuation of the corporatist policies that have existed since the 1954 CIA led Guatemala coup. The Obama CIA Honduran Coup, and related interference in Latin America has resulted in unlivable conditions in those countries, leading to mass migration now headed towards our southern border.

  4. Linda


  5. Arthur Panaro

    Professor Wilkerson’s lecture is overwhelming but welcome due to its range, depth and good will. Though I feel sad regarding the empire, at least his is a voice for good, though the wilderness is vast.

  6. Kevin Flanigan

    Really enjoyed the broadcast. Good insight into what powers the coming collapse of the American Empire.

  7. Max

    Outstanding due diligence on the military/industrial/intelligence state from one who was on the inside of the beast. If you have a weak stomach or high blood pressure, keep your meds handy. I knew this stuff was going down but Col. Wilkerson weaves it all together masterfully. His William & Mary students are fortunate to have such an objective and insightful instructor to connect the dots of US foreign policies and military actions with such clarity.

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