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  1. Rocco Rizzo

    I have often wondered why, in the largest democracy in the world, businesses are run like dictatorships.
    Richard Wolfe answers this question, and gives us the best alternative possible. A system where the workers share in the profits, policies, and other ownership of a company. They are called cooperatives, and they work great!
    If you need to convince someone that co-ops are the answer, this is the thing for you!

  2. Berhane Russom

    For me it is a clear picture that capitalism will reach to a maximum degree where few will own everything and the rest will vanish or fight back for the share. Government radios or private news media owned by the very few rich does not want to create alarm hence oppress facts.
    In my opinion, it is well organized and life will not be easy anywhere and particularly in the western hemisphere for a simple reason that they are deeply rooted structures inter-organized with the government. hence shade and anointed legal but grossly unfair a layman like me will not have a full picture.
    I worry for the next generation including our children.
    keep the good work.

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