5 reviews for Transitioning to Democratic Enterprises

  1. John Bigler

    Really enjoyed this speech.

  2. Peter

    Direct, elemental and right on about capitalism in the USA.

  3. Tomaso

    This thing called Government was supposed to be for the people and this thing called the Medicare system is full of greed and dishonesty. The people know and the science is there. So why do we have to even ask for them to be changed? Common sense is not clear when education and subliminal commercials are leading the scared. When will we start a grassroots system and with it override all these mistakes with laws that care about people?

  4. Anita Ellababidy

    Awesome talk. We need to remake our world.

  5. Lotte Lent

    All I can say to readers of these ratings is JUST LISTEN TO THIS. Clear and present danger explained and hope (to a degree) given. Phenomenal. Thank you, Alternative Radio.

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