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  1. From a listener in NM

    Sure glad to hear the Wolffman in Economics, as I call him. Good job with sharing this remarkable speech that will awaken many people for a long time holding corrupt corporations, etcetera, accountable for their crimes against humanity’s working class and impoverished human beings.

  2. LA Listener

    Richard Wolff’s lecture was excellent.
    Thank you for your and Alternative Radio’s services.

  3. Steven Kane

    Alternative Radio rules! Thank you for bringing this talk to me.

    Prof. Wolff really brings together history, politics and economics together in a way that explains how we got into our current predicament.

    It is increasingly common to hear our current era described as “late-stage capitalism”, at least in my information sources. It seems that Prof. Wolff would add “late-stage empire”, the empire of capitalism. If history is any indication, we, the United States of Empire, will not change our ways willingly. However, we are well on the way to triggering a military confrontation that will do the job for us.

    Good luck to us all!

  4. JoAnn

    Mr. Wolff said Putin should have done something different. Pres. Putin, actually, did. He got an agreement on Ukraine, but, the US wouldn’t “have it.” Meanwhile, over 4,000 people in the Donbas area were killed over the 8 years, while Putin waited for an agreement to take place. Mr. Wolff is in “denial” over Ukraine. The US was very stealthy in its actions there. The Nazis were in charge of the military before all of Ukraine understood what was happening. None of the non-Nazi Ukrainians should have accepted the coup government, but, they were “bamboozled” before they could act. Putin didn’t go into Ukraine until he was asked for help. Now, given US interferences, I think, Georgia had better ask for help, too. We don’t have to hate Russia. I think, every time a commentator says he doesn’t like Putin and that he shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine, it makes for more trouble. US foreign policy is evil. That’s the “sum and substance” of it, and until our prominent people are willing to attack it, we’ll keep it evil. I wouldn’t give him any stars but I had to give him one star to post this comment. The US is never held accountable for any incursions into other countries, people need to know how
    the war was started.

  5. candace

    I appreciate the opinions of thise with knowledge that most common ppl do not know but need to know presented by your guests. I heard Richard Wolff’s lecture this March 20, 2023, that were enlightening. Thank you for his and others who have knowledge that is informed and concerned for the well-being of all.

  6. Daniel Skenderian (verified owner)

    An incredible lecture. This made me look at the bigger picture around what’s going on. He has a great way of pulling it all together and handing it to you clearly and concisely.

  7. Gregory Doyle

    Thank you for your presentation. Very interesting perspectives. Where can I find out more?

  8. Hunter

    just wow! so informative and captivating. I don’t even care much for economic talk but dang this one had me at the edge of my seat.

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