5 reviews for Second Thoughts on the First Amendment

  1. NJ Listener

    It was a great program.

  2. Linda Averill

    Fascinating and excellent lecture. What I took away was if you get told by a cop to stop leafleting on a public sidewalk, or using a bullhorn to call out injustice — stand your ground, muster public support, and be ready to go to jail for a good cause. Better to have a movement too. Long live free speech! Long live Howard Zinn!

  3. Edward B Hagan

    On a scale of one to ten I say ten. Humor mixed in is essential to me.

  4. Robin Collier

    So relevant in November 2020! This a truly great talk by Howard Zinn.

  5. Elizabeth Whitehouse

    How about second thoughts on the Constitution? Do we really want to be governed by an antiquated set of rules drawn up by a mere handful of slave-owning, rich white men. The Constitution was ratified by a majority of the states at the time. There are now 37 more states. Should they perhaps have some say?

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