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  1. Margaret D.

    You could not have chosen a more inspiring talk for Memorial Day weekend than Howard Zinn’s Against War.

  2. len

    Every tiny hamlet , village and town has a police department in the USA. . Crime for the most part doesn’t exist it is manufactured to keep these cops in jobs. Children and women are now easy targets and are being arrested and criminalized for possible issues of quality of life.Minorities and the very poor have always been easy targets for police brutality. But now if you speak and it is not the popular consensus you are deemed anti government.Any opinion not in line with certain groups is deemed unpatriotic and dangerous. The Patriot Act is being used to designate American citizens as terrorists.It is frightening as our freedoms erode daily.School districts allow people to cram school auditoriums screaming for the head of the child and parent who reports a school official for sexual harassment or sexual relations with their children. The majority of the unwashed are ready to vilify the predator’s victim usually a marginalized child.It is horrific. See daily cases where teachers, coaches and administrators are accused of child sexual exploitation most never are convicted.It is absolutely evil.

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