4 reviews for It’s Time to Transform America

  1. Daniel Koval

    Dr King’s brilliant speech is as true today as it was in 1967. What a sad indictment of our society. Thanks then that the banner has been picked up by Mr Barber. I can’t imagine a better or more eloquent leader for these times. Let me, and everyone with a heart and a conscience not just listen but also reach out and ask “How can I help sir”. What better way to honor John Lewis’ memory.

  2. Evangeline Elmendorf Greene

    Listening to these speeches left me speechless…most powerful heartpunch in these troubled times I have experienced. This is what America needs.

  3. Rile-Jessica Jeglinski (verified owner)

    I cried .. no balled my eyes out in catharsis listening to this call for solidarity

  4. Saraswathi Devi (verified owner)

    These two speeches by two of the greatest Americans who ever lived elevate us to our better selves and spur us on to practice Good Trouble.

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