7 reviews for Ending Cycles of Violence: Israel & Palestine

  1. From a listener in WA state

    I am listening to your conversation with Bennis and it strikes me that she is an unreliable ally. This reflexive bringing up of the ‘horrors’ of October 7 without any mention of the daily murder of Palestinians that was the history of 2023, before October is myopic. The IDF killed many more than the 1,200 civilians Hamas killed, and that was all before October 7. Why is that never mentioned? That really bothers me, that one side matters and one passes without mention. And somehow she cannot bring herself to really condemn the mass murder of 15,000 innocent civilians in Gaza or more so far, at least in the context of discussing violence. How can any decent person bring up and condemn October 7 without even mentioning that that horror was a tiny fraction of the horror of Palestinian existence? This deferential talk about Israeli deaths seems to me just racist, and I expect better from her, very disappointed in that.

  2. From a listener in Albuquerque

    Excellent program.

  3. Susan Sushma Clark

    Incredible putting into context both the history and the as-you-watch annihilation of Palestinians.

  4. From a listener in Colorado

    This interview with Phyllis Bennis is very good and something a lot of people should read. She is very thoughtful.

  5. From a peace activist

    Great Interview with Phyllis Bennis.

  6. Gary O’Connor

    Five stars for Alternative Radio and Phyllis!

  7. Jake Javanshir

    For all the years that I listen from time to time to P.Bennis, always impressed by her knowledge and clear delivery. She clearly and objectively tells the truths . She feels the pain of the oppressed.
    I’m Jewish and ex Israeli.

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