6 reviews for Ending Cycles of Violence: Israel & Palestine

  1. From a listener in Albuquerque

    Excellent program.

  2. Susan Sushma Clark

    Incredible putting into context both the history and the as-you-watch annihilation of Palestinians.

  3. From a listener in Colorado

    This interview with Phyllis Bennis is very good and something a lot of people should read. She is very thoughtful.

  4. From a peace activist

    Great Interview with Phyllis Bennis.

  5. Gary O’Connor

    Five stars for Alternative Radio and Phyllis!

  6. Jake Javanshir

    For all the years that I listen from time to time to P.Bennis, always impressed by her knowledge and clear delivery. She clearly and objectively tells the truths . She feels the pain of the oppressed.
    I’m Jewish and ex Israeli.

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