2 reviews for Dying Younger Than We Should

  1. Mark Launer

    The words of Stephen Bezruchka in this program represent most of our only chance to fix the future of mankind on Earth. It is very telling of our blind mind set that you must purchase it, his eminently important ideas are in the hands of those stupid human lemurs who. willfully, are headed over the cliff.

  2. Dominic Maratukulam

    I just listened to the talk by Stephen Bezruchka on our nation’s health. It is an extremely relevant matter at this time, July 2011. I suggest Alternative Radio post the talk as a video/audio on Youtube. For this once AR should forgo the urge to make some money in the usual manner by asking to buy the talk for a few dollars. If it is published in the youtube and promoted well, like yahoo, there is the potential for garnering at least a 100 fold increase in contributions to AR compared to the AR web site strategy. I will contribute at least $100 to AR if it is posted on youtube with a plea to give a donation to AR. Also I will send the youtube link to at least a 1000 individuals with a plea to forward the link to at least 10 people each. This could generate millions of viewers and impact US politics positively, as well as the whole of humanity.
    Looking forward to seeing the youtube video/audio before the end of July 2011.
    Your response will be much appreciated.

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