10 reviews for The Human Cancer in the Covid-19 Era

  1. Grace in MA

    I’m so glad to hear intelligence. Thank you AR and Dr. Bezruchka.

  2. Reyes in Antonito, CO

    One of the best programs ever. Gracias!!

  3. Jason

    Education for the ignorant. Sharing and caring. Love and respect.

  4. Clem Wilkes

    I’ve thought the same for quite a few years, humanity as a cancer due to uncontrolled growth of the population, and the way we humans are exploiting mother earth to the detriment of the continuation of life itself. I agree with Dr Bezruchka in many ways, but I see the difficulty in convincing the wealthy to “share the wealth”and in convincing the general population to stop procreating at an exponential rate. Whether it’s covid, some other disease, or a “natural disaster,” I believe the creation/creator will cleanse earth of the human cancer. It won’t be pretty nor will it be easy to make the transition that’s coming, but come it will.

  5. Harry Anifantakis

    This kind of clear-eyed facing of truth is what we desperately need now.

  6. Marc Berlin

    Excellent summary of the mess we’re in.

  7. Ted Ryan

    Nice focus. Loved it.

  8. Leocadia Montero-Hainley

    The talk on the Human Cancer is wonderful!

  9. Jay Q

    While listening to this presentation the idea that we humans are the “cancers” on this Earth was well supported by facts about the known detriments of human opportunism, especially due to authoritarian political controls and profiteering economic manipulations of the poor, the wage slaves, hypnotized minions, and desperate victims of oppression dealt by seriously biased and ruthless “leaders” of some Industries and of various Nations.
    We are the Cancers…and we are many billions strong destroying our planet and one another quickly. This talk is well worth a repeat listen.

  10. Carmen Greene

    Just heard this on the radio. I was captivated and it was orated in a very well explained calm and simple way. He explained and answered many of MY questions and addressed many pros and cons that explain where we began, are now and what it could be like in the future. I am blessed for having stumbled on Channel 89.9 and this talk. Thank you.

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