3 reviews for Social Murder & Covid-19

  1. Charles Keil

    I’m really proud of the Univ. of Washington for having a plain-spoken social critic on the faculty of the Department of Global Health. I would like to hear the Dr. talk about his experiences in Nepal, about his childhood and early schooling that shaped his worldview. I would also like to hear him describe his world vision.

  2. Jack in MA

    This was the best presentation on this topic I’ve ever heard. Brilliant. Well-formulated.

  3. Phoebe

    In the midst of meaningless work and over-consumption, the guilt and shame of not being able to afford to live has resulted in deep depression in our household. I forced myself to wake up early today and turn on the radio instead of doom-scrolling, wondering how long until we experience yet another “death of despair” in my immediate community.

    I’m very grateful for having caught Dr. Bezruchka’s speaking on the radio. It helps to remember that the meritocracy is a myth. It helps to be reminded that what we’re experiencing as the proletariat is by design. Thank you, Alternative Radio, for airing his words.

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