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  1. FredA

    Tonight I listened to Doctor. Chomsky’s, Threat to Democracy, on University of WA public radio station segment. One of the topics that struck me was the reference that 70% of the American voters, mainly the Middle to Lower classes, had no impact on development of policy and decision making by their government. This goes hand in hand with the apathy with which this society is facing some of the most serious challenges it faces since WW II.
    I have been following the so called “Arab Spring” developments in the Middle East and Dr. Chomsky’s description of components of change that has brought these seemingly “structural” changes in such countries as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia and its failed attempt in Bahrain, speaks volumes as to who and what is really behind all these maneuvers.
    On Iran, I think he is correct in overall assessment of the independent tack that Iran has taken in its foreign policy and the hostile consequences of this action that we are witnessing daily on our media and legislators. Yet, I want to state, that while focus is on the higher levels of global policy and strategic alliances, we shouldn’t take the best measure of governance, the delivery of quality services to the governed off of our “radar”. In the end despite who owns the resources, and who is the aggressor and who is the victim, the bottom line is it not how a governing system delivers essential services to its people and how well the people are living vis-a-vis world standards?

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