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  1. Debra Simon

    Thanks so much for the talk today- I listened to it on NPR.
    It helped me sort out and put words to what I see in society and what I should do in regards to voting with a clear conscience.
    This was VERY helpful!

  2. Tom Rowley

    David, you really kept with Noam to eke out his thoughts on voting for the lesser evil. I have been having this discussion with some of my friends and I have arrived at the same conclusion as Noam. Though I have not the eloquence or the knowledge of history of your esteemed guest. But I thank you because I feel that this is an important discussion that we should not run away from. It can be unpleasant sometimes but we must push on. And as far as pushing, we have work to do. Who would you rather push, a Trump or a Clinton. I am working on closing the healthcare coverage gap in Missouri. “The Healthcare Blues” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXINsCX1VN8
    Alternative radio is a great network, Thank you so much!

  3. Rosa

    I worked on the Nader campaign and have always voted for the person I want to be in office. Mr. Chomsky offers compelling advice, so clearly thought out, for what I can do to help make the world I dream we live in. this is the perspective on our current state of affairs I have been waiting to hear. Once again, I sit in gratitude for this mind and his willingness to share his thoughts and ideas.

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