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  1. Bill in Southampton, MA (verified owner)

    I cannot comprehend why anyone would support the destructive actions of our President and his inner circle of sycophants. It is extremely helpful to hear Noam Chomsky recount the motives and selfish influences of those who seek to remain in power at the expense of people. Your interview, and the efforts of Alternative Radio, are very much appreciated, David.

  2. Duncan in Boulder

    Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian teamed up for another incisive and insightful interview on The Politics of the Pandemic.

  3. Tom Johnston, M.Ed., M.U.P

    Thank you David for interviewing Noam Chomsky! He integrates so much experience and information on so many topics in such a succinct way that it is very inspiring to listen to his presentations. I look forward to more! Please interview him about the disinformation techniques currently being used primarily by Trump and Republicans to jump to create false memes about everything that would give them a jump on power.

  4. Karen

    I heard him last night (5/20/20) and as another poster stated – he is BRILLIANT! He was right on every single point he made (depressing as hell). He TALKS SENSE!

  5. Johann in England

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much.

  6. Niels in Colorado

    Thank goodness that Chomsky is still out there giving accurate language to what is going on. The scourge of greed has been enshrined in our extreme form of capitalism, predictably unanswered by our dysfunctional educational system.
    Thank you for all your work.

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