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  1. coyotesrevenge

    so intriguing

  2. SK

    I have worked in the legislature and believe every word stated here. What we need is awareness and this information needs to be accessible to everyone for free. Paul give it a thought…

  3. Robert

    I never knew to even think about change through this direction. Thanks for pointing out another way.

  4. Jan Galkowski

    Let me get this: I need to pay $1 to hear this opinion from someone who claims he has a “not easy” answer to corporate overpowering of local communities and municipalities. Facts are, most people in small communities are afraid of large corporations, if only because they or members of their family are employed by them. They also fear that measures which strip corporations of power will have detrimental effect for the local community, or will have repercussions which affect them individually.

    Dunno, but sounds to me like the Constitutional amendment route is the way, if the people feel angry enough, collectively.

  5. Jacob Keith

    A surprisingly honest and intellectual program with real world examples of how this actually works. I wish every community would take this kind of thinking to heart. He paints activism as a local battle, and examples of communities who are successfully safeguarding the future for their children and grandchildren. In the fight against widespread political apathy and division, it’s a welcome portrait of where the fight can be won – and is being won today. Cienfuegos’ ideas about the division of the majority is insightful, his solution, while everyone may not agree, apparently works in some hundreds of communities in the northeast.

  6. LEE T. LOE

    Cienfuegos points out the problems inherent with amending the Constitution and suggests — with examples — that communities pass ordinances, reslutions and the like on this and other matters. Since we have the foci of the Occupiers in so many communities, we should help his message on this go viral so folks can consider his suggestions. We could then educate community after community of folks about this alternative to amending the Constitution. It can also be applied to other challenges, like the TransCanada Planet-destroying Pipeline. Lee Loe, Grandmother for Peace

  7. Sandi

    This review is short- read or listen to this man! As an organizer for 30 years, Paul understands how single issue advocacy is ineffective, and gives a challenging yet doable scenario for seriously challenging Corporate control of all forms of American life, by suggesting that we need to restate the basic rights of self government: his message is truly inspiring. We the People is absolutely worth reading or listening to.

  8. Roxanne Bank

    The idea that the government is the only institution that will save us from corporate predation flies in the face of decades of reality. It’s lunacy. Paul’s presentation is brilliant and very informative. And “Democracy Now” needs to be challenged just like every other news organization; it will help them grow and improve. Many thanks to Paul and all those like him who work diligently to help the people and the environment get out from under the yoke of corporate and political exploitation, plundering, greed, and disregard. Kudos to you, Paul. I wish you great success and everything you need to persevere.

  9. lisa saperstein

    I felt so empowered by Paul’s talk. In my heart of hearts, I know I have the power to make a difference in my local community. We all do. I think realizing that not only takes motivation and determination, but a sense of responsibility and courage. Ghandi, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Rachel Carson, Daisaku Ikeda, Harriet Tubman, Betty Williams — These are all regular human beings, just like you and me, who put their life’s purpose into action. Everyone can. It doesn’t happen in one day, but it will if we take small steps each day and view our fellow human beings as people, not as political automatons. Be the change you wish to see. Others will follow your example.

  10. Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME PhD

    Obviously the previous raters have low self-esteem and are politically motivated.
    Plz email me to discuss possible lectures and activities.

  11. Daniel, Public Health Advocate

    This man is an incredible speaker and has some brilliant ideas to unite environmental civil liberties and other groups who were formerly focusing on one issue at a time, ‘begging’ peers via petition, legislators to do something and corporations to do the right thing. Focusing on each separate issue doesn’t work so well, to say the least. Uniting and focusing on passing legally binding resolutions allowing governance by the PEOPLE, in this case, ‘home rule’ gets the corporate/federal authority from imposing its will upon the people. Let’s work together!

  12. joe ventura

    I thought that this program was outstanding. I like how Paul talked about another way to get bills past then just protesting but with passing ordinance in towns townships and cities such as pittsburgh to stop corporate . If government was for the people like the constitution states then way is companies in corporations have more power then the every day Joe?

  13. Dana Franchitto

    I heard this talk tonight on a broadcast of Alt. radio, and while he’s so spot on ,I cannot help but question the idea that democracy should be centered totally at the local level. For example had the majority of local citizens on Cape Cod had their way, initially there would hav e been no Cape Cod National Seashore. That land would have either been developed into a shopper’s paradise or kept exclusively for a priviliged minority. It is only the federal govt. that can protect it from such vile predation. Also ,I think he’s perhaps a bit hard on “Democracy NOw!” which always works to bring angles to issues not heard on commercial media or sellout NPR.I would rate this 4.5

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