1 review for U.S. Special Relationships in the Middle East

  1. Howard Mettee

    It is a pity that much of the rest of the world agrees that as a minimum the Palestinians have a moral right to their own state that Israel and the US denies them. This is the very thing the US and Israel insists upon for themselves, and rightly so. Why is it they cannot admit that others who share this world. are not also entitled to an independent nation as a birthright?

    In more diplomatic terms Professor Falk outlines this historical conflict and its many complicated facets. Yet still one cannot wonder why that as the slow extinguishment of a people actually takes place in front of our eyes proceeds, it is not characterized as genocide much as was exacted upon the Native Americans of the US some 150-200 years ago. Not a pretty picture for a society that prides itself on social justice, equality of opportunity and freedoms that cannot be supported without an equitable economy. One hopes Professor Falk’s words might stir the conscience of the foreign policy establishment(s) of the US-Israel complex.

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