6 reviews for A Brief History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  1. Rahul Majumdar

    Dr. Finkelstein’s insight scholarship shines through once again in a very accessible presentation that helps us cut through typical mainstream spin on the never-ending Israel-Palestine conflict. To those who complain about an alleged lack of balance in Finkelstein’s historical recap, please tune into your friendly neighborhood NYT and WaPo to see what you’re missing. Surely, it’s not very much…

  2. John Morgan

    Norman Finkelstein is one of the most authoritative truth tellers about this conflict, thank you for having him on!

  3. Elvin Martenz

    I am Jewish, and I am conflicted and ashamed about Israel’s current strategy in Gaza. I think it would only be fair to have another expert present during Mr. Finklestein’s presentation to present a complete picture. At least the NYT and the Washington Post publish separately a variety of opinions and editorials that are clearly marked as opinions and editorials. Please present us with a debate – not with a distorted, one-sided presentation.

  4. eedy Parker

    I needed this history and I am very grateful for this.

  5. Truth

    I am Jewish, and believe the State of Israel has failed to establish a Jewish homeland.


    Thought it an excellent synopsis of the history as to how the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from 1948 onward has brought us to where that genocidal conflict is today, 11/10/23. Thank you, Mr Finkelstein. Thank you Alternative Radio!

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