4 reviews for Gender Equality

  1. Nile

    Was great hearing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on airwaves tonight. Bravo!

  2. Linda N. Hollifield

    Dear Mr Barsamian,
    I listened to Ruth Bader Ginsburg last night on AR. She is such an intelligent woman and an amazing speaker. Everything she said was clear and concise. She answered every question directly and in detail. A few years ago I read a book about the Supreme Court Justices. At that time Justice Scalia was still alive. It was very interesting reading and I wish I could remember the title.
    I am so glad that Justice Ginsburg is staying on the Supreme Court we need her now more than ever.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Linda Hollifield

  3. Bob Filipovich

    I have never heard such a clear explanation of what “equality” entails, or what judges and justices may talk about in public forums (including during nominee hearings), or what “professional” really means. Every word matters.

  4. Marion Seymour

    One of the best yet! and they are all good. Am sending for a copy for a friend.

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