3 reviews for Kissingerism

  1. PA listener

    Greg Grandin on Kissinger is a supercharged education in American history.

  2. Arthur Panaro

    Dr. Grandin gave a frightening assessment of power politics. Am I correct to think I [ or anyone ] am helpless in the face of such power? It is sad to think indeed I am powerless before such a juggernaut, and think how whole societies and people become a kind of fodder for the wild beasts of the power structure.

  3. Darek Shapiro

    Greg, thanks for placing the history of this man’s charismatic but destructive philosophy and actions in full view. I envy your students as you can show them how to do careful research with a passion for understanding the complexity of a difficult man. You explained brilliantly how H.K. worked his maniacally destructive ideas into the minds of the presidents. I understand and agree how you see he lead the destruction of the Security State and replaced it with a Jingoistic, irrational, kill first, dodge questions later philosophy.

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