8 reviews for How Hitler Happened

  1. Benjamin Hett in NY

    Thanks David, for your time and interest in doing the interview, which as far as I can tell, got more response than any other interview I did.

  2. Stephen in Seattle

    I want to commend you for this interview with Benjamin Hett. You bring a great deal of insight into make this really informative and interesting.

  3. Jeffrey in Des Moines

    David’s interview with Benjamin Hett who wrote the book on the fall of the Weimar Republic is top-notch.

  4. Martina in NM

    The Hett program is phenomenal. Comparisons with today are disturbing. Incidentally, I am from Germany.

  5. Ira Janowitz

    Excellent interview! Clear, very informative, and very relevant to current politics in the US & a number of other nations.

  6. Rand & Kathryn in Westlake, OR

    How Did Hitler Happen, your interview with Benjamin Hett has been on our mind. Thank you heartily.

  7. Fred Jaeger

    The interview with Benjamin Hett was shocking. His knowledge of German 20th century history is impressive and his analysis of the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise to power of Von Hindenburg and Hitler revealed many chilling parallels to the rise of ultra-nationalism in the 21st century. Those who ignore Mr. Hess’ lessons from the past may find us repeating the same mistakes. Among the more telling analogies I inferred was the tendency of the Germans to assume that Hitler would find himself humbled by the power of the presidency and would somehow rise to the occasion, grow more circumspect,. when in the end, as the world came to understand too well, he had promises to fulfill from his largely forgotten but best selling biography Mein Kampf written ten years before his rise to power. Also startling was Hitler’s observation that politicians were often destroyed by little lies where as someone who tells huge lies is more likely to be believed because people tend to yield to the notion that no one would consider telling such bald and outrageous claims if there weren’t some truth to them. I’m ordering his book The Death of Democracy.

  8. Arnold in ME

    Given current situation that may be THE most important interview you’ve done.

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