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  1. Ruth Kirschner

    Thank you for Dr. King’s Vietnam speech yesterday. Sat in my car listening to it
    again after years since I heard it last. Could not have been more current.

  2. Elizabeth Sheppard

    This was his best speech .. I tuned into my car radio in early 2003 and thought who is that warning against invading Iraq .. he sounds like Martin Luther King, Jr. Then I realized, it WAS him! It was. a rebroadcast of his April 4, 1967, Riverside Church speech. It gave me chills. Sadly we had not learned anything, and we still haven’t. We have been involved in over 25 years of endless, undeclared war. How many more martyrs for peace will it take for us to learn?

  3. Leslie Clement

    The way IS clear – the implementation is nearly (but not quite) impossible. The gentle, reasoned and simple method of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s speech is compelling and quakes me to the core. In this speech he covers the history, the motivation and the potential outcome of our involvement (which proved amazingly accurate). Why have we NOT learned from our destructive, greedy, life denying history of allowing the growth and proliferation of the military-industrial complex? Just listening to this speech again makes me think that we truly have become a stupid people – without any impulse to push back. Without any power to stop the obvious crimes being done by our own government. We have become weak and wimpy. The Occupy Movement was as close as we have come recently – but it was ignored by government and the bought out Media.

  4. Danny Hosey

    I was verry moved by Mr. Kings first book of sermins so much so that Iactualy manged it and would have also managed a copy of messanger reader,have seen The messenger reader from th and want morre!cincerly Dannye 10sand 20s?Well,Im again stired

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