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  1. Carolyn Jackson

    I just heard the first of these two talks today on Alternative Radio while driving across Southern Utah’s Aneth Oil Field on the Navajo Reservation. At 5 p.m. the temperature was in the low 100s. Most, but not all, of the pumps were still.

    Naomi Klein may be one of the sanest people on Earth. She lays out our planet’s predicament without a touch of hysteria, but after you listen to her for a while, you know she is correct. We need to change, and change radically. If we manage to survive, our existence will be greatly diminished by fossil fuels. I thought of the Navajo, who depend on oil and coal for revenue. How much poorer can they get?

    The speech Klein gave in Boulder, CO, gave me hope that people are thinking not only about keeping fossil fuels in the ground but how to transition to alternative energy sources without rewarding those, led by Exxon Mobil, brought us here through their dishonesty. She ties up the corporate, political, scientific and social justice aspects of climate change by proposing (in concert with others) a great leap. There are ways, she assures us, to engage those excluded by our corporatist economy—not only Native Americans but teachers, medical workers and social workers to name a few—to build a saner future.

    If you’ve read her books (Disaster Capitalism, especially), you’ll find her speech just as well thought out and, I think, more hopeful. I look forward to the second part.

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