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  1. Helen Haug

    Chapter 1: God created Heaven & Earth and everything in it. He created Man and gave him dominion over all, commanding him to be fruitful and multiply and cover the earth.
    And so we did. We have multiplied exponentially and dominated as much of God’s Creation as we possibly could. And God says, “Well done, you have assured your continuation on this planet. Now for the next step.”

    Chapter 2: We are not listening to God’s next-step instructions; we are stuck in the carrying out of the first instructions way beyond His intent in issuing them. God is now saying, “Stop the cacophony of praise and petition and thanksgiving and blame and just listen. Stop blaming me for disastrous ‘acts of God’ while dependent on famine and pestilence and war to limit your numbers. Just stop and listen for further instructions.”

    The new commandment seems to be for all God’s Children to take care of each other instead of racing to produce more and more offspring to inherit more and more wealth and power over each other. Stop forcing women to bear children; stop owning each other; stop abusing each other and the earth; stop treating the rest of Creation as an extractive resource. Put all that energy and cleverness into taking care of each other instead of constantly petitioning God to save us from the results of our folly. Just listen; God is speaking. And it is rude to interrupt Him.

  2. gary gackstatter

    We desperatelyrics need a vision for the future beyond the next election cycle. We desperately need a sustainable mutually agreed upon plan.

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