7 reviews for Corporate Media & U.S. Empire

  1. Leon

    Abby Martin tells it like it is.

  2. Jason

    Abby Martin is one of the most fearless journalists alive today. For those that enjoyed this, check out the Empire Files on YouTube/Telesur. Love ya, Abby!

  3. Adam

    You go Abby, we’ve got your back and will continue to expose the US for its heinous crimes

  4. castello

    We are tired of corporate censorship. Good job Abby

  5. Steven

    extremely well argued points, totally level headed and speaking from personal experience and research. It’s interesting that critics present no evidence or facts to refute her. Interesting but not surprising.

  6. Madison Maron

    What a brave women. When you speak truth to power you always take a huge risk to your life. I am glad someone is still around brave enough to question America’s skewed priorities and inverted values. Delusions of superiority are the last remnants of pre-internet ignorance.

  7. flowerplough

    Vicious, murderous American Empire. Collusive, obsequious coprorate media. The whole world hates, fears and loathes both. Haven’t heard such addle-pated ranting since Ross Perot or Andrea Dworkin. Two thumbs down.

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