8 reviews for Great Power Politics in the 21st Century

  1. Bill in CA

    I wish you could play this once a week for a few months. It’s that good!

  2. Rita Artemov

    As a former Russian citizen I have no illusions about Putins totalitarian regime. No excuse for murders and imprisonments for his opponents or anyone who speaks up against him. But the bigger picture came into focus after listening to this program. Great and clear theory and linking to todays political situation. I completely agree with this analysis.

  3. Kenneth Green

    Incredible analysis of the present Ukranian situation. God help us out of that situation. We are prolonging the conflict as our proxy war and are responsible for the deaths of everyone. Usual USA b.s. When we will learn that God is not on our side?

  4. NC Listener

    I’m looking for superlatives to describe Mearsheimer’s talk. Thanks for this essential broadcast!


    Heard this on WAMC in Albany.
    Really cleared up things for me. Hoping against hope that someone else is listening. Content too strong for prime time. The Pentagon calls all the shots.

  6. Jerry Markatos

    This clear and bright analysis is one of the most important I’ve heard in AR’s phenomenal lineup.
    The IO – Information operations – blizzard we’re experiencing could deliver broadly fatal outcomes, making every honest analysis more and more essential.

  7. Elliott Adams

    This is the most succinct analysis of the current world power structure I have heard. It even brings the Ukraine War into focus.

  8. Dana Franchitto

    I agree that the crisis in Ukraine is largely due to US and NATO cornering Putin, but to say that Putin has no imperial designs is naive. Of course, he is not going to say so. Russia has a history of imperialism . Putin simply lacks the ability to become a hegemonic power.

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