5 reviews for Corporate Autocracy, Fascism, Trump & the Election

  1. From Amy in MA

    Ralph Nader is very special. Thank you so much for celebrating his 90th with this excellent and informative program.

  2. Phil Hughes

    I agree with us being privileged to have and be able to listen to Ralph Nader. He is prophetic in his wisdom and balance. Will American’s again permit a corrupt, unhinged national “hero” to become a leader in the western world?

  3. Rich in MT

    Ralph Nader’s astute, clear-eyed analysis of our current political/geopolitical situation and his unwavering calls to citizens of the U.S. empire to organize, reclaim our power and demand honest, accountable government should be heard by all. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Listen, learn, and act. At this breathtakingly precarious time in human history, our collective fate and future depend upon it.

  4. Harry in Santa Barbara

    What a treat to hear Ralph Nader this morning. It’s a shame he never received the widespread support he deserves. America had its chance for greatness, but instead, we have Trump leading in polls. It really is shocking.

  5. Darrell Costa

    What a gift of insight and genius summary of a lifetime of witness and study by one of our most ethical and clear-headed activists. Overwhelmed by the wisdom and classic penetrating insights from a world treasure — Ralph Nader at 90 is more eloquent and brilliantly analytical than whole think tanks combined! Puts to rest the simple age argument about who should be President! And his urgency and practicality to make differences at the grassroots level is inspiring in a gutted apathetic national atmosphere. His advice to “vote your conscience” too is more proven than ever — his having been damned as a past election spoiler giving us cocaine Bush. The cycle of history via compromise and lesser of two evils thinking seems no consolation with all the ravages both parties in the U.S. have authored. May his voice and wisdom continue to knock at our doors of self-delusion, hypocrisy and national delusions of grandeur.

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