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  1. dan mccoy

    Thankfull for Mr. Pappes’s history lesson. President Biden lost my family vote when he rushed to hug Netanyahu, a war criminal, and give him billions in weapons to kill children and mothers in Gaza, thus making every American a war criminal because it is our taxes paying for the genocide. I am amazed to see the power Jews have over our government, institutions, corperations, and even the main stream press, including the New York Times. I hope Mr. Pappe, in his class studies, is finding his way back in history to the time God spoke to Abraham from the clouds to give Palestine to the Jewish people.
    Abraham was quite a man, living to be 175 years old. Noah was there too…he lived to be 950 years. There is no proof of eather living at all, they are just myths used as an excuse to drive the Palestinians off their land because thousands of years ago, long before there was a Jewish race or a Palestine , but God said so and who is to question Gods words?

  2. Anonymous Listener

    Simply marvelous.

  3. Judith Morrow

    Sometimes I feel lost and so small. You place in context our small actions, while they seem insignificant, in the future will mean something – we did something to stand against GENOCIDE.

  4. patricia j klein

    Now I understand the history of Palestine and Israel. I have been in support of Palestine becoming its own state for many, many years. I have no ties to Palestine but in my heart and soul it’s the human connection I have with the Palestinians. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Netanyahu and his cronies must be stopped with sanctions and whatever else America can do by not sending money and bombs to Israel. I was very upset when we recently sent them money. Biden has not been firm enough. My friends who are Jews know Netanyahu is wrong for Israel.
    Thank you for a great broadcast.

  5. M. Grace Matthews

    Excellent. I have been researching this topic since this travesty began on October 7, 2023. I found no one has covered it so thoroughly…i.e. going behind the “British Mandate”of 1949. As an ancient Columbia University Law School graduate, I wish I had had a transcript to share with the protesters.

  6. Maria H.

    The U.S., as superpower supporting Israel has to come to terms with fact it broke a promise to We The People to create a nation where ALL people would be equal. It failed because it did not believe it. Hence, the atrocities it perpetrates in America, and elsewhere.

  7. Therese Sweeney

    An absolutely essential summary of the genocide taking place in Gaza right now.
    Not only does Mr Ilan Pappe give a concise and understandable history, but he lays out
    a compassionate and hopeful view for the future. Thank you, Mr Pappe and Alternative Radio! Bravo!

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