3 reviews for Plenitude: The Emerging New Economy

  1. Pablo

    I dont thrust a perfect world. nor i try to fantasies in reality. but i understand the need for an economy that is more actively aware of our relationship with earth. I think Professor Schor ideas are refreshing and openminded; but only for those who understand change has to be vital and immediate. I will purchase the book “Plenitud” and gladly i will. The good future of humanity relies on people with positively active minds and i choose to be a part of this. not because i belive in human race as a whole but becasue change has to be an individual effort.

  2. james chambers

    While I’m sure Ms Schor is brilliant and indeed concerned, her point is lost in the utterly irritating manner in which she delivers her speech. Constant misreading her prepared script was annoying to the point of distraction. Plus, as with so many speakers on the program, I think she misses that any successful change has to get everybody – or a good percent – on the same page. Not sure in this “dumbed down” society that would be possible. Give me C. Hedges anytime.

  3. Betsy

    I enjoyed this intelligent and broad sweeping talk and can’t wait to purchase one of her books.

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