6 reviews for Inside Armenia

  1. Ramana in Vancouver

    I really enjoyed and learnt from the excellent interview with Anna Shahnazaryan you had on AR. I was also impressed with both how articulate she was and the clarity of her analysis.

  2. Robert Manenti

    Anna Shahnazaryan, remarkable passionate intelligent speaker!
    The microcosm explanation of Armenia present situation and its
    place in the world as new colonial oppressed nation was sad but
    powerfully revealing. Question? Is there a book by her?

  3. Aram Saroyan

    Anna Shahnazaryan is an extraordinary explicator of the late phase oligarchic capitalism we see in Armenia today—just as we see it in America.

  4. Sergio

    A heartbreaking eye opening.

  5. Rupen

    Amazing stuff. I really enjoyed it and I think it will start a lot of important conversations.

  6. Anahid

    The informed, considered questions you ask are every bit as interesting to me as are her answers.

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