6 reviews for Outbreaks: From Epidemics to Pandemics

  1. Ed Barcewicz

    For me this was an absolutely amazing program. All of the different dots that are connected prove again that you can’t screw with mother nature. Thank you Sonia.

  2. Robert Stewart

    WOW, I am so naive at my age. To think I was dumbed down all those years. How I have wasted a good part of my life. I will now fight the good fight as I try my best to re-educate myself. Thank you Alternative Radio for providing Sonia Shah’s talk to motivate me to get off my butt and help my kids, their kids, and help everyone by speaking out the truth to those in power.

  3. Dana Franchitto

    Incredibly informative and thought out. But my question is”who will initiate the “economic development” that purports to “end poverty”?

  4. Mary Rose Kaczorowski

    Very informative.
    Bust the myths– share with others.
    Predictive that politics get in the way of our public well being.

  5. Ken Miller

    Critical programming.
    The robber barons on the Hudson river filter states with their toilets intentionally suspended over the Hudson River so that waste would go directly into the river and down into the city.



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