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  1. W. Johnson

    Mr. Smiley approached the subject, “The Hidden Dr. King”, with an equal measure of reverence and honesty. This talk was delivered at the most appropriate place and time—in a hospitable community (Seattle WA) and at the peak of America’s current war (on terrorism.) Smiley’s journalistic-approach to the subject and his ability to “tell us the truth” made for an enlightening and thought-provoking presentation, and Q & A session. He reminds us of the important work Dr. King accomplished during his short life, and how awfully rough the grind of the SCLC’s mission of non-violent protest became. He magnified the logic and rationale of both King’s personal and professional struggles, while he simultaneously oversaw the planning of the Poor Peoples March to Washington DC. Smiley’s talk challenges us–if Reverend King were alive today, would his positions on racism, poverty, and militarism be different?; and would his support for and critique of President Obama be any different from that he provided of President Johnson in 1967? These are just some of the thoughts posed by this presentation. Smiley confessed how he has become persona non grata in many communities throughout the United States of America—especially in many Black Communities. What a price to pay for such an exceptional journalist and powerful “truth teller.” Listening to his message, on this AR recording, would be well worth your time—I mean that!

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