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  1. Ed Martinez

    Very good program. The NRA definitely operates independently of what common Americans have expressed in opinion polls: Americans do want enhanced gun control measures from their government. Traveling across state lines to purchase firearms for another person to sell in their own state is solidly illegal and the Federal A.T.F. does go after people that engage in this activity.

  2. Chelsea

    I really enjoyed listening to this program and learned a lot. I am excited to listen to it again.

  3. Brent Tozzer

    Listened appreciatively on Atlanta’s WREK-FM (wrek.org).


    Frank Smith said with the open state borders people will travel to another state and pay someone to purchase firearms for them and then return their own state and sell them. That act is a crime and there are laws against that. The ATF call it a “straw purchase” The criminals don’t care about gun laws so when you pass more gun restriction laws the only people that are effected are the law abiding citizens. Criminals will always be able to get guns.

  5. Craig

    Excellent show. Thank you very much. I listened on KALW in San Francisco.

  6. Kristine Collins

    Fascinating expose! Thanks so much for airing on KSER.

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