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  1. Dorothy R McField (verified owner)

    Such an informative interview; I haven’t figured a way to get this broadcast to more people that I know; it will have to be by word of mouth and I will refer it to those I have contact with; such a scary proposition and such an accurate forecast…the Trump regime is performing exactly as forecast in the interview, now that the election is over.

  2. Chris Drozier

    Great interview: VERY clear information on fascism signs in the US today with analogies and new insight for me.
    Mainstream media NEVER has Andy Zee on as far as I know and it’s too bad he does not have a 3hr show on our PUBLIC AIRWAYS as Rush Limbaugh has. In NM, right-wing propaganda occupies the airwaves except for 2 stations devoted to NPR programming on AM and FM. The ratio is probably 95/5 in terms of hours. We are brainwashed all day and night: no wonder Trump still has 40% approving of him.
    In Europe where information is more available, he would be down to single digits.

  3. Lou

    This “Resisting Fascism” is a powerful program. I’ve got an intensely intellectual friend who is just beginning to melt away his denial that fascism is running the show in the U.S. “in Trump World” portions. But, “the rule of law” is founded on the fascist Doctrine of Christian Discovery in the first place. So, “the rule of law” is itself, lawless. Fascism outright just magnifies the problem of lawlessness in legal forums such as the Barr DOJ and the right-wing Supreme Court.

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