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  1. Bruce K.

    Taubes goes against everything we have heard for years. He makes sense, and the facts are that as our American diet is exported to the world they start to get sick and die.

    Nikolaos below has a point … if they are not trying to kill people why do they keep these facts quiet, why do they sell us engineered food that is engineered to hooks us like a drug and reduce us to cattle.

    So … who is it that is doing this, and why? But do I jump the gun, is Taubes correct? I read the book “The Case Against Sugar” and the facts speak for themselves. So, who would do this if purposefully, because they eat the same stuff and their kids do too?

    It is counter-intuitive? All the nutrition “experts” have great stories that makes sense, but there is not arguing that as people eat more like Americans they get sick as Americans do.

  2. Nikolaos Petrovich Svetonosnogo

    I look at both sodium and sugar as the ‘Giftgas’ of 21 century. Giftgas is German for poison gas, such as the now former Zyklon-B Giftgas — actually hydrogen cyanide — an insecticide the NSDAP (Nazis) had used against the Jews (and other so-called ‘Entartige Mensch’ or undesirables).

    Please take note that many foodbanks in New Amerika stock up on tinned goods loaded or ‘marinaded’ in tonnes of sodium and/or sugar (or fruitose-sucrose)! Why is this so? The corporations say for ‘desired added flavour’. The real reason; to KILL (‘exterminate’) the poor of fascist corporate New Amerika as to rid the 300 Million Population of that country of the poor and indigent — just as Adolf Hitler had done during his rule in Germany. What better way to do this? Not through hydrogen cyanide (such as the former Zyklon-B Giftgas), but common sugar and sodium! Even common Juices such as Grape Juice and even orange Juice has SODIUM added! Salt in fruite Juices!? Ice cream that is supposed to be sweet has SALT (sodium and of course along with sugar)! This to counter the sweet effects of sugar as to even add just the MORE sugar!


  3. Brian mills

    I caught the last half hour of this program on my local radio station WETS here in Johnson City Tennessee , as I was driving home tonight.
    I must say from what I heard I was immediately aware of just how refreshing it felt to be able to listen to such an engaging lecture.
    The questions and answer session afterwards is also quite a treat. What a great find to discover Alternative Radio.
    I lived in Florida for many years and I shall never forget the stories I would hear about Big Sugar, but that’s for another show.
    Procure Mr Taubes Program and I promise you it will satiate you in ways the disastrously delictible delight they call sugar never will. Now where did I put that bar of …..

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