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  1. David Beebe

    Wolff’s knack for weaving a tragic tale from a complex story line into a parable comprehensible to all, is brilliantly executed here. Hopefully, future talks will then link this parable to capitalists’ war making.

  2. Timo Yannopoulos

    Am big AR fan & admire David’s work. With all due respect.
    Listing to this Gentleman I got goose bumps. He didn’t do his home work
    I kindly wish to ask him to answer us several questions with regards to the Greek mess.
    1. Did you know that Greece has about 2 Million Gov. official for only10 Mio Citizens? All of them received 14 month salaries + big bonuses for operating the Fax machines, PC and currying the folders from desk to desk? & retire with 50 @ 120% of their income.
    2. Have u contacted business with Greek gov. institutions? Sure not. I did have to go through this torture several times. It takes for ever, while dealing with clue less & corrupted gov. staff.
    3. Did you know, they haven’t closed the fiscal books from the Athens Olympics yet? Now one know where the money went.
    4.Have you heard of “FAKELAKI” an envelope with lots of tax free money “kick backs” you must give to the doctors and/or folks in power to get them do the job they are already paid? Especially Gov. Officials. Give it a try.
    5. Did you know Greece has cheated their in to the EURO ZONE, by manipulating their GDP and fiscal books, so that they get all these Billions from the EU? By the way all parties have participated in this Conservative, Socialist & Syriza too. Where is all the money? Hiding in poor Greeks pockets Tax Free.
    6. Why don’t Syriza go after those who are in the Lagarde List? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagarde_list
    Don’t blame the others, they did it to themselves.
    Thx 4 reading.

  3. Marissa

    This is the best explanation of what is going on in Greece and with capitalism that I have ever heard, and I thank you for being passionate, clear, and to the point.

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