6 reviews for Trumponomics

  1. John

    His talk on Spokane radio today was the best ever.
    Really simple and clear.

  2. Wayne Wells

    This should enlighten some of the skeptics around us –

    Wayne Wells
    Cameron Mills, NY

  3. Joe Richey

    AR took me away from a housecleaning chore for an hour but was a gift because it calmed my nerves hearing someone whose understanding of our current problem helped me understand it better too! And there are solutions if we make the right choices. Thanks to Richard Wolff and the producer of this program!

    Cleo Clizer
    Spokane Valley, WA

  4. Michele Ruland

    Excellent, clear, well said. Thank you Mr. Wolff for yourt houghtful piece on where we’re headed. And yes, I agree we should be scared. I am. But your commentary empowered me to be hopeful that Americans who focus on a local market are more apt to take control of their lives. The small, rural town I live in has potential for just what you suggested…local markets where employer and employee are the same.

  5. Lynn Goldman

    This was fantastic! He needs a broader audience, a national platform.

  6. stuart Watts

    This is what I’ve been predicting, but Richard put it very directly into words. He is very sensible, and I believe it speaks truth.

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