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  1. george beres

    If we could waken our leaders to the importance of how they use language, they might be able to revive our nation’s merit by using Noam Chomsky as the conscience of our people. For years he has evaluated– better than anyone else– what is right and what is wrong about our behavior.
    A few might argue with some of his views. But all would recognize that his perspectives are honest and have a deep insight into who we are and what it is we need in order to become more than we are. Most often his focus is on pursuit of peace and of how misguided priorities sometimes interfere with achieving it nationally and internationally.
    He is not alone in that pursuit. But he gives it a unique identity by stressing how a meaningful peace demands a commitment to the way we communicate our view of social justice. He has had a dominant influence in making us aware that language can either enhance or diminish justice. As an authority on how words are tools for achieving it, he can be turned to for an awareness of how we might best use them for our security and for that of the world. We are best served when Noam Chomsky speaks to us. – George Beres

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