2 reviews for The Open Veins of Venezuela

  1. Blair

    Ellner’s presentation gave me some useful background to consider in the face of all the uninformed media noise; afterall, it’s not fair to support Moduro just because Bolsonaro and John Bolton don’t.
    Time to seek out Steve Ellner’s books at our Toronto Public Library, while we still have it.

  2. Erin in Idledale, CO

    I didn’t know Steve Ellner, but I always enjoy hearing informed perspectives on Venezuela since we get so little reliable information from the U.S. media on this front. One of his strongest points is in talking about how the U.S. media always conflates economic growth (capitalism) with democracy, and how the U,S. govt. and media use Venezuela’s economic crisis as a lever to insert the huge lie that country’s leaders have not been elected democratically. In my experience, most people who don’t know better and get their info from the U.S media really think Venezuela is a dictatorship. Ellner does a good job at dispelling that myth by describing elections and separating the economic from the political. That’s super important.

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