4 reviews for The Surveillance State

  1. clarita

    So right on! Thank you David and Glenn for your very courageous passionate work seeking and sharing the truth of the matters. Rampant self-censorship the ultimate danger. Time to wake up and act before too late, poke holes in the concrete walls of secrecy, indeed. THIS is true heroism.

  2. John Satter

    Excellent synopsis of the last ten years in surveillance. Spot on. Something everyone should hear.

  3. Judi Phillips

    Excellent speech!
    Thank you both to David B. and Glenn for the incredible information you enlighten us with. You validate the things that I believe most of us realize is happening but can’t pinpoint or prove. Technology is slowly and insidiously necessitating control. Maybe going back to nature isn’t such a bad idea after all?
    You Glenn and David are a couple of my many modern day heroes! Please keep up the Great Work!

  4. Rich Pindell

    Will you please check on what I thought I heard early in the presentation. An Obama policy change which allowed data to be gathered on American citizens was credited to him in 2008. I don’t think I heard the speaker wrong, he said Obama policy in 2008. Obama wasn’t President until January of 2009. It was at this point you lost me and I quit listening to your talk.

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