9 reviews for Palestine: A Case of Settler Colonialism

  1. James in Woodstock, NY

    I really appreciated what Prof. Khalidi had to say.

  2. Robert in W. Hurley, NY

    This is an amazing program. I didn’t know much of what he presented. Thank you AR!

  3. Elizabeth

    Merci. It is very clear and urgent that we need to decolonize the history. Many Thanks to you for broadcasting the show on Montreal’s CKUT radio station.

  4. Suzanne in CO

    Great show. Khalidi is a very clear and eloquent communicator.

  5. Jordan

    WoW! Hard to make the case for Zionism when it’s at the expense of another culture and population. I wonder how they were able to win over so much power and concentrate it’s influences on the most powerful nations on earth? It’s encouraging to listen to talks and broadcasts like this and to hear there’s a growing interest in not only understanding more about this situation, but it’s resolution on a global scale. Great talk!

  6. Sergio in CO

    As I muddle through these confusing times my concern towards Palestinian rights is always on my mind. To be effective demands knowledge of facts and the skill to narrate them. Alternative Radio’s Rashid Khalidi broadcast was outstanding. Khalidi, like Edward Said in his days, is one of the best.

  7. Jerry in NC

    Great talk by Rashid Khalidi!
    I want to share it with others.

  8. Jerry Markatos

    Wonderful historical clarity, plus authoritative explanation of the mania to erase the people of the Holy Land who have tended it for millennia.

  9. Susie in California


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