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  1. John

    Tonight, leaving the city, I was once again reminded of the dangers of TV. I also was reminded of the policing of food, and found it amusing that the right to eat whatever one needs to get the energy to go shoot, pray and preach, is not that well protected. Good job Joel. I am a true believer of chemical free / non processed food, and intend to pass that on to my kids.

  2. Peggy

    What a joy to hear this funny and inspiring talk. There should be a word for the experience of being awakened by old ideas stated in new ways. Whatever that word is, that’s what I experienced listening to this. It ends up being revelatory and invigorating. One thought: “Homes have to become the center of life instead of pit stops on the way to other things that are more important. Until we do that we will never move forward with this localization agenda.” We need to reclaim the production of our food and it’s just not that hard. Start with just one thing, he recommends, and you’ll make a difference. Grow something. It will be a healing experience, for you, for the earth.

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