6 reviews for Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy

  1. Muhammad Arslan


  2. Yasuo

    I’m enjoying reading this new interview collection. Insightful, riveting, and enlightening book. You’re one of the few crown jewel journalists I know who can mine the essence out of Chomsky lode and come it across to an audience.

  3. Glenn

    I couldn’t help to jump to the last section on Trump and friends. Really insightful. Chomsky always has such a fresh and clear way of looking at situations.

  4. Ahron

    Just like power systems a few years back, clear and strong. You gotta love chomsky in this format.

  5. Dan

    Keen commentary on global politics. Commenting on political issues ranging from korean geopolitics to the Trump election and presidency, the book impactfully illustrates Chomsky’s political leanings in a highly literate and structured manner.

  6. Spencer Graves

    Apart from the content, I especially liked the references / endnotes. I have a strong preference for literature that cites its sources: If it seems to conflict with something else I’ve heard, and it has references, I can dig deeper on whatever sounds questionable to me. Without references, I’m stuck.

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